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Research Toolkit Lecture Series

See below for upcoming and past Research Toolkit Lectures. Click on the links to view recordings of the talks and review copies of the slides.

List of Slides and recordings of Resident Research Toolkit talks
Date Title Speaker Slides Recordings of Presentations
10/8/20 How to Pick a Mentor and Be a Good Mentee Andrew Hoel, MD Slides unavailable

No Recording

11/12/20 Strategic Career Planning Hasan Alam, MD Slides Recording
1/14/21 How to Write an Abstract Steven Schwulst, MD Slides Recording
3/11/21 How to Prepare Your CV and NIH Biosketch Dave Odell, MD Slides Recording
3/25/21 All About Metrics: A Review of Research Impact Indicators and How to Use Them

Karen Gutzman, MSLS, MA

Annette Mendoza, MLIS

Slides Recording
4/22/21 How to Make a Poster Erin Rowell, MD Slides unavailable No Recording
4/29/21 How to Write a Paper and Respond to Reviewers Karl Bilimoria, MD Slides unavailable Recording
5/13/21 How to Give a Talk Ryan Merkow, MD Slides Recording
5/27/21 How to Apply for an F32 Mehul Raval, MD Slides unavailable No Recording
9/9/21 How to Plan Your Research Years Karen Ho, MD Slides Recording
10/14/21  Introduction to DOS Research Training Programs  Drs. Karen Ho, Karl Bilimoria, Ryan Merkow, Melissa Simon, Mark Eskandari, Daniela Ladner, Dave Bentrem  Slides Recording
10/28/21  Introduction to NIH funding and NIH proposals  Mehul Raval, MD Slides Recording
12/9/21  How to do a systemic and scoping review  Q. Eileen Wafford (Galter Library) 

Slides - pt 1

Slides - pt 2

Recording Unavailable
2/10/22  How to be a strong job candidate and what to ask for when interviewing 

Yue-Yung Hu, MD

Jeff Fronza, MD

Slides Unavailable Recording Unavailable
3/10/22 How to get your name out there  Ezra Teitelbaum, MD Slides unavailable Recording
4/14/22  How to write a good abstract  Steve Schwulst, MD Slides Recording
5/19/22  How to give a good talk  Ryan Merkow, MD Slides Recording
9/1/22  How to Plan Your Research Years

Daniela Ladner, MD, MPH

Karen Ho, MD

Slides Recording
10/13/22 Introduction to Research Training Programs

Drs. Simon, Fraterrigo, Merkow, Khan, Ladner, Bentrem, Ho

Slides Recording
11/10/22 The Nuts and Bolts of Applying for Resident Research Funding

Karen J. Ho, MD

Slides Recording
12/8/22 How to Use EndNote

Q. Eileen Wafford, MSt, MLIS

EndNote GalterGuides Recording
2/9/23 Research Impact: What it is, why it matters and what you can do

Karen Gutzman, MSLS, MA

Slides Recording
03/23/23 Strategies for Conducting a Meta-Analysis

Lutfiyya N. Muhammad, PhD, MPH

Slides Recording
8/31/23 How to Plan Your Research Years and Find a Mentor

Karen J. Ho, MD

Slides Recording
9/14/23 NIH Loan Repayment Program

Justin Ryder, Ph.D

Slides Recording
10/12/23 Introduction to Research Training Programs for Surgery Residents

Drs. Bentrem, Ho, Khan, Johnson, Ladner, Ryder and Stey

Slides Recording
11/9/23 How to Make Global Surgery Interests Part of Your Academic Career

Monica Langer, MD, MPH

Slides Recording
12/7/23 How to Engage with Your Mentor as a Lab Resident

Kate Ott, MD

Slides Recording
1/25/24 How to Negotiate Your First Contract

Jesse Meyer

Slides Recording
2/1/24 How to Find Your First Job

Katherine Hekman, MD, PhD, Edmund Chen, MD, Guillermo Ares, MD

No Slides Recording
3/14/24 Writing for Peer Review: How to Write an Abstract, Manuscript, etc.

Lauren Janczewski, MD

Slides Recording
4/11/24 How to make a poster, prepare a talk and present your work

Kimberly Brooke Golisch, MD, MS

Slides Recording
5/9/24 Grant Writing and Funding Opportunities for Residents

Shelbie Kirkendoll, DO, Karen J. Ho, MD

Slides Recording

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