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General Surgery Residency Graduates

Our graduates pursued careers and fellowships at the following institutions after completing their General Surgery Residency training.

 2024 Graduates

  • Andrew Hu, MD: Pediatric Surgery - Cincinatti Children's Hospital
  • Rachel Joung, MD: Surgical Oncology - MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Andy Lee, MD: Cardiothoracic Surgery - The University of Virginia
  • Sam Linton, MD - Pediatric Critical Care Fellowship - Lurie Children's Hospital
  • Kate Ott, MD: Pediatric Surgery - Lurie Children's Hospital

 2023 Graduates

  • Brian Brajcich, MD: Colorectal Surgery - Cleveland Clinic
  • Dan Dolan, MD: Cardiothoracic Surgery - Brigham Women's and Children's Hospital
  • Ben Many, MD: Pediatric Surgery - Indiana University
  • Vivek Pamulapati, MD: Acute Care Surgery - University of Nevada Las Vegas
  • Matt Snyder, MD: Cardiothoracic Surgery - Northwestern University

 2022 Graduates

  • Courtney Harris, MD: Pediatric Surgery - Lurie Children's Hospital
  • Amy Holmstrom, MD: Minimally Invasive Surgery - Weill Cornell Medical University
  • Cary Schlick, MD: Surgical Oncology - Memorial Sloan Kettering
  • Zach Tyerman, MD: General Surgery - Brooke Army Medical Center
  • Tarik Yuce, MD: Minimall Invasive Surgery - The Ohio State University

 2021 Graduates

  • Ryan Campagna, MD: Cardiothoracic Surgery - University of Michigan
  • Edmund Chen, MD: Minimally Invasive Surgery - Duke University
  • Ryan Ellis, MD: Surgical Oncology - Memorial Sloan Kettering
  • Mickyas Eskender, MD: Cardiothoracic Surgery - Northwestern University
  • Frances Lee, MD: Endocrine Surgery - University of Chicago

 2020 Graduates

  • Kristine Corkum, MD: Pediatric Surgery - University of Denver
  • Kelly Elleson, MD: General Surgery - Oak Hill Hospital
  • Ramiro Fernandez, MD: Thoracic Surgery - Cleveland Clinic
  • Steven Schuetz, MD: Bolivian NGO; AY21-22, Breast Surgery - Northwestern University
  • Samuel South, MD: Trauma Surgery - University of Utah

 2019 Graduates

  • Cori Cason, MD: General Surgery – Kaiser Permanente-California
  • Stephen Chiu, MD: Thoracic Surgery – Northwestern University
  • Kelsey Ensor, MD: Trauma & Critical Care Surgery – University of Miami
  • Anne Hardy-Henry, MD: Bariatric Surgery – University of Ottawa
  • Ben Schwab, MD: GI/MIS Surgery – Mt. Sinai Hospital-New York

 2018 Graduates

  • Ben Deschner, MD: Surgical Oncology – University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center
  • Molly Meyers, MD: Colon & Rectal Surgery – University of Minnesota
  • Christina Minami, MD: Breast Surgery – Memorial Sloan Kettering
  • Joel Sternbach, MD: Cardiothoracic Surgery – University of Washington
  • Mike Wandling, MD: Trauma Surgery – UT Houston

 2017 Graduates

  • Tyler Cohn, MD: Minimally Invasive Surgery – Stony Brook University
  • Brett Duncan, MD: Cardiothoracic Surgery – University of Pittsburgh
  • Juaquito Jorge, MD: Minimally Invasive / Bariatric Surgery – University of South Florida
  • Ravi Rajaram, MD, MS: Cardiothoracic Surgery – MD Anderson Cancer Center

 2016 Graduates

  • Chris Davis, MD, MPH: Assistant Professor of Surgery – Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Swami Gnanashanmugam, MD: Cardiothoracic Surgery – Texas Heart Institute
  • Mark Knab, MD: Surgical Oncology – University of Pittsburgh
  • Jill Streams, MD: Trauma Surgery / Critical Care – Vanderbilt University
  • Ezra Teitelbaum, MD, MEd: Minimally Invasive / Foregut Surgery – Providence Portland Medical Center

 2015 Graduates

  • Brian Keyashian, MD: Vascular Surgery – Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Bill Luo, MD: Minimally Invasive Surgery – University of California, San Diego
  • Daniel McCarthy, MD, MBA, MEM: Cardiothoracic Surgery – University of Washington
  • Karen Sherman, MD, MS: Colorectal Surgery – Cleveland Clinic
  • Kyle Zanocco, MD: Endocrine Surgery – University of California, Los Angeles

 2014 Graduates

  • Akhil Seth, MD: Plastic Surgery – Brigham and Women’s Hospital
  • Ashley Hardy, MD: Surgical Oncology – Fox Chase Cancer Center
  • Jessica Naiditch, MD: Pediatric Surgery – Children’s Medical Center of Dallas
  • Joseph Phillips, MD: Thoracic Surgery – University of Michigan
  • Geoffrey Chow, MD: Minimally Invasive Surgery – University of British Columbia

 2013 Graduates

  • Amanda Hayman, MD: Colorectal Surgery – Mayo Clinic
  • Anna Kane Higham, MD: Breast Surgery – Northwestern University
  • Tammy Kindel, MD, PhD: Minimally Invasive Surgery – University of Nebraska
  • Seth Krantz, MD: Thoracic Surgery – Washington University
  • Timothy Lautz, MD: Pediatric Surgery – Northwestern University
  • Fernando Santos, MD: Minimally Invasive Surgery – Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

 2012 Graduates

  • Colleen Jay, MD: Transplant Surgery – Mayo Clinic
  • Mehul Raval, MD: Pediatric Surgery – Ohio State University
  • Ashley Vavra, MD: Vascular Surgery – Northwestern University
  • Melissa Pilewskie, MD: Breast Surgery – Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
  • Janette Holub, MD: Pediatric Endoscopic Surgery – University of Tennessee

 2011 Graduates

  • Edward Auyang, MD: Minimally Invasive Surgery – University of Washington
  • Nikolaos Dallas, MD: Surgical Oncology Fellowship – MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Jeffrey Fronza, MD: Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship – Oregon Health and Science University
  • Melissa Hogg, MD: Surgical Oncology Fellowship – University of Pittsburgh
  • Matthew Strouch, MD: Colon and Rectal Surgery Fellowship – Washington University

 2010 Graduates

  • Daniel Abbott, MD: Surgical Oncology Fellowship – MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Karl Bilimoria, MD: Surgical Oncology Fellowship – MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • John Linn, MD: Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship – The Ohio State University
  • Lelah Melstrom, MD: Surgical Oncology Fellowship – Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
  • Daniel Popowich, MD: Colon and Rectal Surgery Fellowship – The Mount Sinai Medical Center

Edelstone-Bendix Day

Edelston-Bendix Day honors residents and fellows who have completed their surgical education. During the day's symposium, selected surgical residents and fellows present a basic science or clinical research project. In addition to these presentations, the department includes a research competition for all junior residents. The residents are encouraged to submit an abstract detailing their research. From the submissions, the Edelstone-Bendix Awards committee chose two junior resident winners: one in clinical research and one in basic science research. Following the symposium, a formal banquet is held to celebrate the graduates, their families and peers and to thank these individuals for the privilege of being a part of their surgical education journey.

Other awards given may include the following:

 Kanavel Surgical Scholars Award

The Allen B. Kanavel Surgical Scholars Award recognizes exceptional accomplishments achieved in the research laboratory. The award is given to senior-level surgical residents who have completed two or more years of research study during the course of their general surgery training. Dr. Richard Davis established Kanavel Surgical Scholars Award in memory and honor of Allen B. Kanavel, MD, chair of the Department of Surgery from 1919 to 1929.

 Harold L. Method Surgical Award

This award is given for outstanding performance in surgical skill, empathy and understanding toward patients and for dedication to their care.

 Susan Perlman Award

Recipients of this award demonstrate not only academic excellence, but also special leadership skills and compassion for patients.

 Resident as Teacher & Resident as Educator Awards

These awards are given to residents who met the criteria for establishing themselves as excellent teachers or educators receive. See our Curriculum page for more information.

 Edelstone-Bendix Lectureship

The Edelstone-Bendix Lectureship is offered in memory of Richard M. Bendix, MD, a distinguished physician and surgeon who graduated from the medical school. He is remembered as a guiding force in leadership, education, research and patient care in the halcyon years of Michael Reese Hospital and Medical Center. Sigmund Edelstone, a noted Chicago philanthropist, funded the lectureship in order to carry forward the name and distinctive ideals of Dr. Bendix. Each year, a visiting professor is invited to give the Edelstone-Bendix lecture to the residents and faculty.

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