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Faculty Development Resources

Surgery Faculty Development

Continuous and meaningful development of our faculty is critical to maintaining achieving faculty among academic medical centers. At Feinberg, we believe that our faculty are our most important investment. We don’t want to simply navigate your career, but instead, seize the reins of your career path with purpose.

Our Mission

To empower faculty members within the Department of Surgery to excel in their academic and clinical roles through comprehensive and tailored professional development initatives.

Our Vision

To cultivate a community of surgical faculty who are leaders in their respective fields, equipped with the skillss, knowledge, and resources to drive innovation, advance patient care, and make meaningful contributions to medical research and education. Through collaborative and dynamic faculty programs, we aim to foster a culture of continuous learning, mentorship, equity, and excellence, ensuring the ongoing success and impact of our surgical faculty members, locally, nationally, and globally.

Resources For Faculty

Early Career Resources

Faculty Academic Skills Training (FAST): FAST supports new faculty members gain career development skills. Contact Satish Nadig, MD, PhD, or Hala Nimeh for information.

Junior Faculty Exchange Program: This program facilitates the exchange of expertise across institutions, improving training and programs, and the reputation of faculty in our field. To participate, reach out to your division chief and/or Satish Nadig, MD, PhD.


Mid-Career Resources

Kellogg Executive Development Program: An intensive, interactive training course to prepare leaders for senior general management at Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management.

Wellness Resources

NM Scholars of Wellness (SOW): The SOW program equips wellness experts to lead initative that positively impact well-being within their team.

NU Faculty Wellness Program: This program provides assistance for faculty experiencing difficulties stemming from stress, mental health concerns, substance abuse, or other personal issues.


Women Faculty Resources

The Department of Surgery Women's Surgical Group: This group offers women faculty a supportive community to discuss challenges and provide mentorship and encouragement. Email Hala Nimeh to join the group's next event.

Women Faculty Organization: The Northwestern Medical Women Faculty Organization is committed to advancing the careers of all women faculty members.

Northwestern Women's Center: The Women's Center empowers staff, faculty, and students to achieve gender justice through advocacy, support, education, and research.

ACS Women in Surgery Committee Mentorship Program: This year-long program for women surgeons with under 5 years in practice offers mentorship in research, practice, work-life balance, and leadership development.

Additional Resources

At Feinberg

The Northwestern University Leadership Education Advancement Program (NU-LEAP) develops a cohort of emerging faculty leaders that leverage opportunities and solve problems as mentors, investigators, and practitioners.

Beyond Feinberg

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