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Research Team

Our mission is to become the destination department for surgeon-scientists and scientists in surgery.”

Daniela Ladner, MD, MPH
Vice Chair of Research and Innovation

We help each resident develop an individualized plan that includes faculty mentors, funding, advanced degrees or certification, and other career development activities. We are committed to recruiting and training the best of the next generation of leaders in academic surgery.”

Karen J Ho, MD
Director of Resident Research

James Burns

Research Administrator, Transplant Surgery

james.burns( at )

Supports PIs in the Comprehensive Transplant Center

Devin Coachman

Research Administrator, Surgery

devin-coachman( at )

Supports PIs: Abbass, Ellis, Halverson, Hansen, Hu, Johnson, Jordan, Kim, J., Kim, S., Ko, Poylin, Shapiro, Stey, Tatebe, Tian

Lynnette Dangerfield

Research Project Manager, Vascular Surgery

l-dangerfield( at )

Supports PIs: Ho, Jiang, Eskandari and Vascular Surgery

Haena Jung

Research Administrator, Surgery

haena.jung( at )

Supports PIs: Davis, Dumanian, Elaraj, Fracol, Galiano, Ghomrawi, Hong, Hungness, Mueller, Nagle, Schwulst, Strong, Sturgeon, Teitelbaum, Wayne

Adrian Macedo

Senior Research Administrator, Surgery

adrian.macedo( at )

Supports PIs: Avella Patino, Bethke, Bharat, Clare, Garza-Castillon, Khan, Kurihara, Lecuona, Lung, Yan

Desiree Marte

Financial Coordinator, Surgery

desiree.marte( at )

Assists the finance team in non-sponsored financial account management, budgeting processes, and the management and training of NUFinancials transactions.

Kelly Memmer

Assistant Director of Research and Finance, Comprehensive Transplant Center

k-memmer( at )

Supports PIs in the Comprehensive Transplant Center

Tanikka Mitchell

Manager of Research Administration, Surgery

tanikka( at )

Supports PIs: Alam, Bentrem, Chawla, Herrold, Issa, Janes, Kulkarni, Lumati, Meredyth, Raval, Williams

Brittany Palmer

Associate Research Administrator, Transplant Surgery

brittany.palmer( at )

Supports PIs in the Comprehensive Transplant Center

Kashmeen Raza

Manager of Finance Administration, Surgery

kash.raza( at )

Kash is responsible for payroll management, financial management of non-sponsored accounts, and aids in the annual budget process.

Rhiannon Weathers

Program Assistant IV, Surgery

rhiannon.weathers( at )

Rhiannon supports the Vice Chair of Research and the Department of Surgery

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