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Resident Quality Improvement

Below you can find the list of past projects completed by our General, Vascular and Thoracic Residents.



  • Assessment of Antimicrobial Stewardship in the Surgical ICU - Cassie Valukas, MD, Lauren Janczewski, MD & Samantha Warwar, MD
  • Improving the Resident As Teachers (RAT) Surgical Curriculum - Steven Papastefan, MD, Brooke Golisch, MD & Calvin Chao, MD
  • Increasing Gift of Hope Referrals in the Surgical ICU - Jes Sanders, MD & Aaron Clark, MD


  • Surgical Ergonomics - Emily Cerier, MD, Andrew Hu, MD & Sara Mills, MD
  • OR Scheduling Process - Charles Logan, MD, Mark Erfe, MD & Audra Reiter, MD
  • SICU Delirium Bundle Package - Jessie Ho, MD & Eric Pillado, MD


  • Improving Physician to Nursing Communication on In-Patient Surgical Floor Patients - Bona Ko, MD & Vivek Pamulapati, MD 
  • Vascular Complications in VA-ECMO - Rachel Joung, MD, Andre Son, MD & Andres Guerra, MD
  • IS Gaming for Post-Op Recovery in Cardiac - Zach Tyerman, MD, Matt Snyder, MD & Paul Devlin, MD


  • Improving the Performance and Documentation of the Tertiary Survey in Trauma - Amy Holmstrom, MD & Kate Ott, MD
  • Identifying and Minimizing Barriers to Safe Disposal of Excess Post-Operative Prescription Narcotics - Brian Brajcich, MD & Mick Eskender, MD
  • Prevention of Contrast-Induced Nephropathy - Matt Chia, MD, Simon Moradian, MD & Azad Karim, MD


  • Management of Post-Operatvie Urinary Retention in Same Day Surgery - Tarik Yuce, MD & Will Phillips, MD
  • Management of Malignant Bowl Obstructions - Cary Schlick, MD & Courtney Harris, MD
  • Incidental Findings in Trauma Patient Populations - single institution experience - Kelly Williamson, MD & Courtney Furlough, MD


  • Improving the Quality and Consistency of Care Transitions in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit - Ryan Ellis, MD, Fran Tangherlini Lee, MD & Mimi Wu, MD
  • Vascular Groin SSI Reduction Initiative - Eriberto Michel, MD & Katie Hekman, MD
  • Streamlining Data Requisition in New Clinic Patients - Ryan Campagna, MD & Edmund Chen, MD


  • Improving the Safety and Efficacy of External Transfers - Ben Deschner, MD, Chris Mehta, MD & Kristine Corkum, MD
  • Reducing Post-Operative Delirium - Ramiro Fernandez, MD
  • Reducing the Rate of Post-Operative Reintubation - Steven Schuetz, MD & Sam South, MD
  • Improving Pre-Operative AP and Statin Use in Vascular Interventions - Michael Nooromid, MD


  • Increasing Compliance with DVT Prophylaxis for Post Op Patients - Cori Cason, MD & Tyler Cohn, MD
  • Improving Breast Patient's Comfort with Drain Care Post Operatively - Ben Schwab, MD, Kyle Miller, MD & Stephen Chiu, MD
  • Improving Incentive spirometer use in Post-Surgical Patients - Daniel Enter, MD & Andrei Churyla, MD


  • Increasing Transparency for Problematic Cases - Christina Minami, MD
  • Reducing Vent Duration in the SICU - Joel Sternbach, MD, Michael Wandling, MD & Molly Wasserman, MD


  • Improving the Care of Septic Patients - Ravi Rajaram, MD & Carlie Kennedy Thompson, MD
  • Stress Ulcer Prophylaxis - Quality Improvement in the Surgical ICU - Brett Duncan, MD & Ran Bill Luo, MD


  • Improving the Quality and Efficiency of Trauma CT Scans - Jill Richman Streams, MD & Richard Rink, MD
  • Improving Efficiency in Morning Lab Results - Mark Knab, MD & Geoffrey Chow, MD


  • Improve the Quantity and Accuracy of Case Logging by General Surgery Residents - Tammy Kindel, MD, Anna Kane, MD & Karen Sherman, MD
  • Creating an IT System that Monitors Intraoperative Supply Utilization, Proves Automated Feedback on Waste, and Gives Surgeons Direct Access to their Preference Lists and Supply Costs - Daniel McCarthy, MD, Kyle Zanocco, MD & Swaminadhan Gnanshanmugam, MD


  • Reducing Unused General Surgery OR Waste - Joseph Phillips, MD & Melissa Pilewskie, MD
  • Improving OR Turnover Time in Feinberg - Ashley Hardy, MD, Jessica Naiditch, MD & Akhil Seth, MD


  • Improving the Percentage of Feinberg On-Time Start Times - Seth B. Krantz, MD & B. Fernando Santos, MD
  • Optimizing Personnel in the Resuscitation Team - Tim Lautz, MD & Jeff Fronza, MD
  • Operation Speedycall (Improving communication between surgical and other services) - Amanda Hayman, MD & Nick Dallas, MD

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