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SOQIC Student Research Program

Area of Scholarly Concentration (AOSC) Program

(FSM Students Only)

Northwestern University’s Surgical Outcomes and Quality Improvement Center (SOQIC) partners with the Feinberg School of Medicine AOSC program to offer a four year mentored experience in surgical outcomes, health services, quality improvement and policy research for medical students interested in careers in surgery. Students will develop relevant research skills and apply them to develop and carry out an independent research project in a mentored environment. Following the format of the FSM AOSC program, students will enjoy a longitudinal relationship with their mentor throughout the course of their medical school career at FSM. During the summer following the M1 year, AOSC students spend 6-8 weeks at SOQIC full time and have the opportunity to participate in all research meetings and activities at the center, including roles in additional projects as they are able. This expands the experience and offers opportunities for academic productivity in addition to the student’s primary project.  AOSC students are paired with a one of the SOQIC research fellows, typically general surgery residents taking dedicated research time, as a ‘peer mentor’ during this summer session. Additionally, shadowing experiences in the operating rooms and clinics with SOQIC faculty form an integral part of the AOSC experience.  We believe that this exposure is critically important to afford students the opportunity to better understand what a career in surgery is actually like.  Throughout the four-years, the SOQIC AOSC program provides students with a mentorship team and clinical experience designed to create a robust, meaningful research experience. Our goal is for all students to have at least one project which results in a first author publication and presentation at a national meeting. Motivated students will have the opportunity to engage in additional projects as their time allows.

All students who have taken part in the SOQIC AOSC program have successfully presented their work at national meetings and have been able to

Applications for the SOQIC AOSC program will be judged competitively and follow the general FSM timeline.  Interested students should complete the SOQIC AOSC application. Following receipt of the application, students will be contacted to arrange interviews with the SOQIC faculty. Applicants will be informed of acceptance to the program and their mentor assignment at least 8 weeks prior to the AOSC proposal deadline to allow adequate time for development of a research proposal to meet the AOSC program guidelines. Students will be expected to spend 6-8 weeks at SOQIC actively engaged in research during the summer following their M1 year. Ongoing participation in research activities with SOQIC is encouraged throughout the remainder of the student’s tenure at FSM

Previous Scholars

Class of 2010

ryanmerkow-140-200Ryan Merkow

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Class of 2011

sellers_140_200Morgan Sellers


Class of 2012

blankBenjamin Kester


Class of 2016

lsaadat-140-200Lily Saadat

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Class of 2018

rshah-140-200Romil Shah

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czhang-140-200Chunmeng Zhang

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Class of 2020

aadhia-140-200Akash Adhia

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sbharadway-140-200Sandeep Bharadwaj

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agupta-140-200Aakash Gupta

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jmarone-140-200Jessica Marone

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kpatel-140-200Krushang Patel

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mshyu-140-200Margaret Shyu

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Class of 2021

aradakrishnan-140-200Ankitha Radakrishnan

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sanchez_140_200Nicholas Sanchez

Class of 2022

eheiderscheit-140-200Evan Heiderscheit

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nicolas_140_200Joseph Nicolas

asarkar-140-200Arjun Sarkar

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Class of 2023

amahenthiran-140-200Ashorne Mahenthiran

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mnagella-140-200.pngMonica Nagalla

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tnaterwala-140-200Tanaz Naterwala

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rtang-140-200.jpegRyan Tang

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