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The Divisions of Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery offer 2 unique electives. We offer both a Cardiac Surgery and Thoracic Surgery elective rotation for visiting medical students. For more information please visit

All visiting medical students must apply through VSAS (Visiting Student Application Service).

Residency Application Process - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit my application?

Individuals interested in applying to the thoracic surgery integrated residency program of the McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University must submit their application via the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) only. We do not accept any paper applications.

What denotes a complete application?

A complete application includes the following:

When is your application deadline?

The deadline for application is October 30, 2019. Applications received after that date will not be reviewed.

Do you have a minimum requirement for USMLE score?

Our application review committee considers the entire application. Therefore, we do not have any minimum score requirements.

Will I be offered an interview?

Personal interviews are by invitation only and are required for acceptance to our program. Applicants who we wish to invite to interview will be notified via ERAS email.

On which dates will you be conducting interviews this year?

We will have one interview date this year:


Information for International Medical Graduates


Does your program require previous U.S. clinical experience?

No previous U.S. clinical experience is required to apply to our program.

Does your program have a medical school graduation cut-off date?

We do not have a minimum/maximum number of years from medical school graduation date requirement.

What are the visa options for the program?

The preferred visa for training at the McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University is the J-1 visa sponsored through the ECFMG for residency/fellowship training.

ECFMG Certification

Applicants should be ECFMG-certified by the application deadline (November 1st).