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  • Excellence in Teaching Awards and the Gerald Ujiki, MD, Lectureship
    10.08.2015 - Education

    Awards are given annually to faculty members who meet the levels of established teaching criteria and fully participate in the medical student and/or residency programs. Awards are presented in conjunction with the Gerald Ujiki, MD, Education Grand Rounds, and a celebratory dinner is held in honor of the award winners. Recipients who have won five or more times have their names engraved on a plaque located outside the Vice Chair of Education's office.

    Olle (Th.J) ten Cate, PhD presented "Usefulness of Entrustable Professional Activities in the Competency-Based Monitoring of Residents".  

    The winners for the 2014-2015 academic year include:

    • First Time Recipients: Dina Elaraj, MD; Karen Ho, MD; Catherine Hunter, MD; Rashmi Kabre, MD; Felicitas Koller, MD
    • Second Time Recipients: Jeffrey Fronza, MD
    • Fourth Time Recipients: Julia Corcoran, MD; Mark Eskandari, MD; Michael McGee, MD
    • Fifth Time Recipients: Amy Halverson, MD; Shari Meyerson, MD
  • Dr. Kibbe was interviewed on the Podcast: Behind the knife
    Dr. Melina Kibbe was interviewed on the topic of Publishing for Behind the Knife, podcase. To listen to the podcast, click here.
  • Resident & Fellow Teaching Awards
    06.12.2015 - Education

    Congratulations to the 2014-15 Award recipients:

    Resident as Teacher Award

    Frances Tangherlini, MD    PGY-1
    Kristine Corkum, MD         PGY-2
    Michael Nooromid, MD      PGY-2 Vascular 
    Elbert Vaca, MD                PGY-2 Plastic Surgery
    Stephen Chiu, MD            PGY-3          
    Mark Knab, MD                PGY-4
    Jill Streams, MD               PGY-4
    Michael Gart, MD              PGY-4 Plastic Surgery  
    Brian Keyashian, MD         PGY-5
    Dan McCarthy, MD            PGY-5

    Fellow as Teacher Award

    Cesar Escareno, MD                     Transplant Surgery    
    Thomas Gallagher, MD                 Transplant Surgery             
    Attasit Chokechanachaisakul, MD   Transplant Surgery             
    Dustin Yoon, MD                          Vascular Surgery                 
    Emily Cassidy, MD                        Thoracic Surgery    
    Raelene Kennedy, MD                  Surgical Critical Care    
    Nicole Siparsky, MD                      Surgical Critical Care
  • Using Smartphones to Assess Trainee Skills
    03.25.2015 - Education
    Jonathan Fryer, MD, professor of Surgery-Organ Transplantation and his colleagues developed a new smartphone-based system that simplifies and facilitates the assessments of general surgery trainees.  For full article click here.
  • Announcement
    03.26.2015 - Education

    The Department of Surgery is pleased to announce that on March 20th, 2015, 16 individuals matched into our General Surgery – Categorical, General Surgery – Preliminary and Integrated Plastic, Thoracic and Vascular Surgery programs. Congratulations and welcome to our new interns!

  • Congratulations
    11.04.2014 - Education

    Congratulations to these Faculty and Residents who represented Northwestern’s Department of Surgery at the American College of Surgeons 2014 Clinical Congress in San Francisco;  Karl Bilimoria, MD, Greg Dumanian, MD, Christine Kinnier, MD, Mark Eskandari, MD, Eric Hungness, MD, David Mahvi, MD, Ravi Rajaram, MD, Cord Sturgeon, MD, & Dustin Yoon, MD.

  • The general surgery program celebrates Board certification of its entire 2013 graduating class. This brings the program’s first attempt board pass rate to 96% over the past five years.
    08.08.2014 - Education

    The general surgery program celebrates Board certification of its entire 2013 graduating class. This brings the program’s first attempt board pass rate to 96% over the past five years.

  • Surgical education team selected to receive the 2014 ASE Award for Excellence in Innovation
    11.27.2013 - Education
    A Northwestern-led surgical education team has been selected to receive the Association for Surgical Education (ASE) 2014 Award for Excellence in Innovation. The award is given annually to a group of individuals who have demonstrated exemplary performance in surgical education with the intent to recognize novel ideas, multi-center collaboration, and/or methods for improving teaching and learning. Members of the Innovation Team are as follows: Dr. Debra DaRosa, Dr. Jonathan Fryer, Dr. Brian George (MGH), Dr. Eric Hungness, Dr. Shari Meyerson, Mary Schuller, Dr. Nat Soper, Dr. Ezra Teitelbaum, and Dr. Jay Zwischenberger (U Kentucky Medical School).
  • 4th Annual Gerald Ujiki Education Grand Rounds and Excellence in Teaching Awards hosted September 26
    10.18.2013 - Education
    Department of Surgery Excellence in Teaching Awards were distributed to eleven faculty members at the 4th Annual Gerald Ujiki Education Grand Rounds and Teaching Awards Ceremony. An additional eight faculty members qualified for awards but had already won six or more times, having earned them the distinction of having their name engraved on the “Excellence in Teaching” plaque on the Teaching Wall of Honor in the chairman’s suite. Six residents qualied for Resident as Teacher Awards and seven fellows earned Fellow as Teaching Awards. See who won
  • Dr. Daniel Popowich operates on a gorilla at the Bronx Zoo
    10.15.2013 - Education
    Dr. Daniel Popowich, a 2010 Northwestern General Surgery Graduate and current Colon and Rectal Surgeon at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, recently operated on a 180-pound gorilla, Holli, at the Bronx Zoo. Surgeons removed part of Holli's colon and she is now recovering nicely. Read more
  • Upcoming Event: Gerald Ujiki Education Grand Rounds - September 26th
    09.10.2013 - Education

    Surgical Education is pleased to invite faculty and staff to attend the Annual Gerald Ujiki Education Grand Rounds and Excellence in Teaching Awards scheduled on Thursday, September 26th from 7 a.m. to 8:30 a.m in the 676 6th Floor VC Room.  This year's visiting professor, Dr. Bruce Gewertz, joins us from the Department of Surgery, Cedars-Sinai Health System. He will present “Lessons learned - Sustaining fulfillment in life and work”

  • The 20th Annual Surgeons as Educators course begins in Atlanta, GA with Dr. Debra DaRosa as Course Director
    09.10.2013 - Education

    The American College of Surgeons' 20th Annual Surgeons as Educators course took place September 7-13 in Atlanta, GA with Dr. Debra  DaRosa, Vice Chair of Education for the Department of Surgery, as Course Director. The six-day intensive course is designed to provide surgeons with the knowledge and skills to enhance their abilities as teachers and administrators of surgical education programs. The course emphasizes the needs of adult learners and the techniques necessary to develop an effective learning environment for medical students, surgical residents, colleagues, and others in the health profession. The maximum class size of 32 allows highly interactive sessions. Learn more

  • Education Publication: Teaching for understanding in medical classrooms using multimedia design principles
    06.10.2013 - Education

    Dr. Nabil Issa, Dr. Richard Mayer, Mary Schuller, Dr. Edward Wang, Dr. Michael B. Shapiro, and Dr. Debra DaRosa are published in the June issue of Medical Education. View abstract

  • Education Publication: Development and participant assessment of a practical quality improvement educational initiative for surgical residents
    06.10.2013 - Education

    Dr. Moran Sellers, Dr. Kristi Hanson, Mary Schuller, Dr. Karen Sherman, Dr. Rachel Kelz, Dr. Jonathan Fryer, Dr. Debra DaRosa, and Dr. Karl Bilimoria are published in the June issue of the Journal of the American College of Surgeons. View Abstract