Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Surgery

Welcome to the Third Year Surgery Clerkship!

OrientationEach year we look forward to introducing third year medical students to the art and science of surgery, in all of its disciplines. While we sincerely hope a few students will choose to become surgeons, the clerkship's goal is not to make surgeons but to educate all students to recognize surgical emergencies and to stabilize such patients until a surgical consult can be obtained. To this end, we provide inpatient opportunities in general surgery, orthopedic surgery and urology.    

We take our role in your education seriously. Our clerkship directors have obtained advanced degrees in education and are Masters in Health Professions Education. We have a full time clerkship coordinator to organize the daily running of the clerkship. We have over 240 faculty members who precept students. We continually tweak the clerkship's structure and content based on the feedback that we receive from our students and based on what we find in the education literature.

Amy Halverson, MD

David Odell, MD


Amy Halverson, MD